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Team’s Work From Home Experience during Lockdown (Corona Pandemic)

Due to the Corona Pandemic govt. imposed countrywide lock down from March 2020. Considering govt's direction and safety of each individual and their families, we have also started working from the home. It was challenging initially to manage work from home but gradually after 1 month, everyone has mixed review about new normal of work... Continue Reading →

Package Development – Laravel (CRUD) API Generator with Resources by Bhavin Gajjar

Our Tech Lead Bhavin Gajjar has developed package for the Laravel 5.8+. This package is used to generate Laravel (CRUD) API with Resources. Using this, you can create REST api CRUD in less then a minute. As on 15th June 2020, it has been downloaded by 145 developers. Also achieved 30+ stars Steps 1 -... Continue Reading →

Achievements of Viral Panchal

We are feeling proud to have the creative skillful person in our team.... Some key achievements and extra activities : Viral has been honored & certified and given title - "Researcher". He has researched on Internet password security and published paper internationally . His rank was 15 out of top 30 indian researchers. He has... Continue Reading →

Poem By Narendra

યાદો...!!! વિસરી ગયેલી છતાં , તાજી થયેલી યાદો... સુખ આપતી, દુઃખ આપતી, ડંખ મારતી યાદો... બસ કંઈ કેટલી યે, સંઘરી  રાખેલી મારી યાદો... માં ની ગોદ માં ઊંઘતી પ્રેમાળ આંખોની યાદો... બાપની આંગળી પકડી, હૂંફ થી ભરેલા પગલાં ની યાદો... હેતના હિંચકે બહેને વીંટાળેલી એ દોરી ની યાદો... શાળાએ સાથે જતા મારા એ સહપાઠીની યાદો... એવી... Continue Reading →

Poem by Urmi

हाँ रंग बदलती है ये निगाहें, जाने क्या क्या छिपाये बैठी है | हर रंग में राज़ है गहरा, कुछ खट्टा फिर भी ज्यादातर मीठा | पल में शिद्दत से किसी का प्यार है ज़लकता, तो पल में किसी अधूरे किस्से का दर्द है बरसता | कभी तरसती है यूँही किसी के लिए, तो कभी... Continue Reading →

Overview of React JS by Ashvin Chauhan

What is React React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React is often described as “the V in the MVC structure”. This also happens to be the least tangible explanation one could give a newcomer, as (V)iews are typically logic-less files that are driven by a controller. Why we... Continue Reading →

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