Christmas 2017

In December, due to christmas generally workload remain low due to vacation. During this time we have celebrate the christmas week from 25th December to 31st December 2017. Also we given surprise to our christian team member. Here are the details of each days.

25th December 2017, Monday

  • Red and Black theme
  • Panipuri snack
  • Viral become Santa

26th December 2017, Tuesday

  • Fancy Dress
  • DJ and Garba Dance
  • Dabeli Snack

27th December 2017, Wednesday

  • Tapori Day
  • Surprise to Ravina (Christian Girl) on christmas

28th December 2017, Thursday

  • Cholafali Snack
  • Identify song from the music
  • KBC Game

29th December 2017, Friday

  • 90’s Outdoor Games
  • Throwballs
  • Bethi kho
  • Vachli vandri
  • Limbu Chamchi
  • Partner Race
  • Sankal
  • Vadapau Snack

1st January 2018, Monday

General Meeting

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